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Love this weed killer.  Safe for the bees.  Doesn't bother my pets!

This item [Natural Weed Killer] is just what I was looking for.  It arrived on time.  It works great.  Great price.  Great deal!

It works!!!! I'm thrilled because I won't spray toxins in my yard due to my dogs.

We LOVE this herbicide!  It works as described, only BETTER!  Weeds are dead in a couple of hours.  Weeds sprayed on our rock landscaping just shrivel up and blow away; we don't even have to pull them once they're dead!  I love the fact that I don't have to worry about any toxicity for my home, dog, grandchildren or environment.  It saves me time, work and money.  Thank you Dr. Kirchner!

Does exactly as described!  Very happy overall with the product.

Item arrived early.  Nice note enclosed.

This stuff really works.  I'm shocked!!!  Totally non-toxic and totally effective.

Great seller with excellent communication and customer service.  Product is great and works exactly as described!


Within minutes after spraying the weeds on my patio, they began wilting.  This stuff does the job of killing weeds amazingly fast!

Truly impressed at how well and quick the weeds dies.  Love that it's safe and does the job as well as the chemical brands, if not better!

This product is amazing!  The results were almost instantaneous and were extremely effective.  My weeds are dead and gone.  I would highly recommend to anyone dealing with weed issues.

This weed killer works great!  It killed my small yard weeds as well as my tall overgrown thistle within 24 hours.  Will definitely be ordering again!

Searching for quite some time for a safe natural product which was effective.  I'm not sure how I ran across this but I am so glad I did.  I will be ordering much more.  Thank you for a great product!

I cleaned my entire house with All ‘Rounder yesterday.  It is the absolute best vinegar-based cleaner I have ever used.  Most of the others, my vinegar/water mix included, require intense scrubbing or a lot of cleaner, but yours is so powerful, it was effortless!  Sometimes I have to resort to non-chlorine bleach, but All ‘Rounder worked exceptionally well on everything.  For more fragile stuff, I saturated a cloth and wiped.  I have a few people who I am going to pass it on to!

Julia H

All 'Rounder User

It kills weeds that other’s won’t


Property Manager

This weed killer is amazingly fast!



So happy that my lawn guy is spraying weeds with a safe product!



Until now, I did not have the option to use a safe product.


Business Owner

I showed the results to my neighbors



This spray is so good, you may force other weed killers out of business!



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