Natural Weed Killer – 1 Gallon, 2 Pack


Grow yards safe for people, pets, and wildlife with our premium Natural Weed Killer.

  • Our formula is the perfect ratio of 3 simple yet powerful ingredients: ocean saltwater, soap, and vinegar.
  • Efficacy Tested by the University of Florida: biodegrades quickly, making it safe for wildlife yet effective in killing weeds to the root!
  • Perfect for residential, commercial, and agriculture use in gardens, mulched areas, borders, pavers, hard-scapes and pool decks.
  • The Natural Weed Killer eliminates 250+ of the most common weeds  BUT it is not normally used as a lawn weed killer because it also kills most grasses.
  • Pollinator-friendly
  • Add Ready-to-Use formula to garden pump sprayer (not included)

Home based, family-operated business in Treasure Coast, Florida


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Instructions: Fill our ready-to-use formula in an all-plastic garden pump sprayer (metals may corrode); do not use a hose attachment sprayer device as that will dilute the formula.Adjust spray nozzle to course droplets to avoid vapor drift. For the best outcome, spray when plants are dry. Thoroughly wet unwanted weed foliage with formula, targeting the leaves. Avoid spraying your desired plants or crops (contact with weed killer will harm or kill them). It is safe to replant when the product has dried.

Some hardy weeds can grow new shoots within a week of treatment. If this happens, wait for a few new leaves to appear before re-treating.

When clearing large areas of weeds, be sure to re-plant, mulch, or cover the treated area within a couple of days. Unoccupied soil is a great opportunity for Mother Nature, and non-toxic weed killers cannot prevent new growth.

PRO TIP: If you aren’t sure that your garden sprayer is all-plastic, rinse and run some water through the trigger/nozzle before storing.

For more Pro Tips and best practices for different types of weed elimination, visit our website FAQ.

CAUTION: This product is natural, but strong enough to kill tough weeds. Wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Avoid frequent or prolonged contact with skin. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If swallowed, call a physician immediately. KEEP FROM REACH OF CHILDREN.

Additional information

Weight 288 oz

1 Gallon, 2 Pack – 1 Gallon Size

  • Natural Herbicide – Pet & Kid Safe (when used as directed) – Safe to Replant when dry
  • Ocean Salt Based – Very powerful & effective 
  • Biodegradable Grass & Weed Killer – NOT FOR LAWNS
  • Fast Acting – See results in as little as 30 minutes
  • Made in the USA. Home based, family operated business.