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Our weed killer is a simple but powerful mix of 3 ingredients that biodegrade quickly: ocean saltwater, acetic acid (vinegar), and soap. It is Non-Selective, meaning it kills almost all weeds and grasses. The combination of these 3 ingredients adheres to foliage and disrupts photosynthesis, killing the plant and its roots.

Yes, All-Natural Weed Killer is pet-friendly and safe for use in yards as it bio-degrades quickly, however the formula is a strong herbicide: USE CAUTION. Though we have not witnessed animals being attracted to the formula, we always advise caution and safety. Keep out of reach of pets. While it is not toxic, we recommend not allowing pets to enter areas where the product has been applied until it is dry (usually a couple of hours). 

Our formula meets the conditions as Minimum Risk Pesticide FIFRA 25(B). (Safety Data Sheet)

We support all alternatives to glyphosate-based weed killers, but none come close to the weed killing power of our premium formula. We have tested a wide range of competitive products, some vinegar-based, some essential oil-based and they are just not on our level.Our formula has been Efficacy tested by the University of Florida and meets the conditions as Minimum Risk Pesticide (FIFRA 25(B) (Safety Data Sheet).

Each weed needs to be thoroughly sprayed to the point of wetness, targeting the leaves, so this question greatly depends on how many weeds are in the area; unfortunately we cannot quantify coverage without consulting directly with you about your project. Send us a message in the “Contact Us” form on this page and we’re happy to assist. We also recommend purchasing 1 gallon to test on your weeds and determine the amount you need.

For more information on usage, read the “What are Best Practices for General Use, Clearing Established Weeds, and Clearing a Grass Area?” answer

Our formula is non-selective: it will harm or kill whatever plant it contacts, including grass. This product does not translocate and will affect only those plants that are sprayed with the solution. The formula may be used near desired plants by carefully avoiding them. To avoid harming desired plants, we recommend adjusting your garden sprayer nozzle to course droplets to avoid vapor drift. You should also use a piece of cardboard to block or plastic to cover desired plants. Selective herbicides are designed with chemicals to kill only specific plant species, such as a “Weed and Feed” chemical herbicide.

A long time!  We have tested our 3-year product and it is just as effective as the newly made formula. We will update this answer as the years pass, but so far the old bottles can still compete!

Perfect for all residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural use – including: driveways, sidewalks, stone hardscapes, flower beds, mulch zones, gardens, pond edges, parking lots, and farm lands. See our “What are Best Practices for Use” question for pro tips for different weed killing projects.

 General Use: 

  1. Fill our ready-to-use formula in an all-plastic garden pump sprayer (metals may corrode); do not use a hose attachment sprayer device as that will severely dilute the formula. If using our 1-quart, insert the handheld trigger sprayer. 

         PRO TIP: If you aren’t sure that your garden sprayer is all-plastic, be sure to rinse and run

         some water through the trigger/nozzle before storing.

2. Adjust spray nozzle to coarse droplets to avoid vapor drift. 

   PRO TIP: You may also use a piece of cardboard or plastic to block the spray from 

   desired plants, especially in crop rows or around ornamental plants.

3. For the best outcome, spray when plants are dry. Thoroughly wet unwanted weed foliage with formula, targeting the leaves. Always avoid spraying your desired plants or crops as contact will injure or kill them. 

   PRO TIP: Check the weather forecast and apply when rainfall is not expected within 2 

   hours of application

4. It’s safe to replant when the product has dried. Be sure to re-plant, mulch, or cover the area cleared within a couple of days (unoccupied soil is a great opportunity for Mother Nature, and non-toxic weed killers cannot prevent new growth)

     Clear an Area of Established, Dense Weed Populations:

Mature weeds, dormant weeds, vines, nutsedge, and species euphorbia hirta, digitaria sanguinalis, and oxalis stricta are more resistant to herbicide treatment. While we have witnessed our formula kill many large weeds with 1 treatment, many species will require multiple treatments to completely destroy the root. 

   PRO TIP: To use less product, cut tough weeds down in size but allow for a few leaves to 

   remain or regrow. Our formula must adhere to foliage(leaves) to disrupt photosynthesis and 

   kill the root. We also recommend purchasing 1 gallon to test on your weeds.

For plants and weeds with an established trunk, we strongly recommend pulling or some other form of mechanical removal. Generally, natural weed killer products are not the optimal choice for such heavy-duty situations.

     Clear an Area of Grass: 

Our formula will certainly kill grass, but there are much better methods for replacing a traditional lawn for a lower maintenance alternative such as raised gardens, clover lawn, permeable synthetic turf, or natural meadows. The best techniques for eliminating large areas of grass include mechanical removal, solarizing, and sheet mulching. Using herbicide may quicken the process, but is not necessary or economical.

This article is a valuable resource for anyone looking to replace their grass lawn:http://sonomamg.ucanr.edu/Lawn_Replacement/Grass_Removal_Methods/

Wait until Natural Weed Killer has dried to re-enter area, allow pets or children in the area, and/or replant (usually a couple of hours). Natural Weed Killer does not use toxic chemicals, however the vinegar in our product is strong and emits an odor until dry. 


Our formula has been Efficacy Tested by the University of Florida and meets the conditions as Minimum Risk Pesticide (FIFRA 25(B).  

All-Natural Weed Killer is non-toxic, pet-friendly and safe for use in yards, however the formula is a strong herbicide:  USE CAUTION. Keep out of the reach of children. People with medical conditions may be adversely affected. Wear PPE (personal protective equipment) when handling this product. Product is harmful if swallowed or absorbed through skin or eyes. Do not allow humans or animals to enter areas where the product has been applied until it is dry. In case of contact, immediately flush the area with plenty of water. If irritation persists, seek immediate medical treatment. (Safety Data Sheet)

Notice: Buyer assumes all responsibility for safe handling and usage. Seller makes no warranty, expressed or implied, nor accepts any responsibility for any direct or consequential damages beyond purchase because seller cannot control user’s handling, end use or effects of use.

Doctor Kirchner LLC currently carries: 

  • Natural Weed & Grass Killer: Ready-to-Use formulas with designations by the EPA as Minimum Risk Exempt, FIFRA 25(B). Sold in quarts, 1, 2.5, and 5 gallons. 
  • All ‘Rounder Natural Cleaner: Ready-to-Use formulas with designations by the EPA as Minimum Risk Exempt, FIFRA 25(B).
  • Bob’s NoSeeum Insect Repellant 

Merchandise including shirts, stickers, and yard signs

Our formula has been Efficacy Tested by the University of Florida and meets the conditions as a Minimum Risk Pesticide FIFRA 25(b).Our Safety Data Sheet.

From the EPA’s website: “Because EPA has determined that certain “minimum risk pesticides” pose little to no risk to human health or the environment, EPA has exempted them from the requirement that they be registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.” 

A weed is defined as any plant in an undesired location. Our formula is effective 250+ common weeds and grasses including dandelions, clover, chickweed, dollar weed, thistle, crabgrass, moss, white clover, and general weeds and grasses. For questions about specific species, send us a message in the “Contact Us” form on this page.

Efficacy Report by University of Florida

Yes! Our product is regularly repurchased by households, schools, vineyards, equestrian centers, farms, yard care centers, and more! Both families and professional landscapers regularly use our formula.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in most traditional weed killers, is linked to harmful effects on the health of the environment, wildlife, and people.

Learn Glyphosate Facts and News

Our formula is not certified organic. All of our testing does show that the ingredients biodegrade quickly, so if you seeking organic gardening practices, we believe our product is a good fit. However, if your business is tested for organic certification, we do not suggest using our formula.

How Natural Weed Killer Works