About Us


How We Got Started

Our founder, Rudy Kirchner, was a certified arborist (tree doctor, hence “Doctor Kirchner”) and avid environmentalist working to protect the Indian River Lagoon in the Treasure Coast of Florida. Rudy spent several years developing Natural Weed Killer after experiencing adverse health effects from handling weed killers with Glyphosate in his landscaping business. Profits weren’t the mission:  he promoted everyone to make their own natural formula or not to use weed killers at all rather than use herbicides/pesticides that harm wildlife and cause risk to people. We are proud that Doctor Kirchner was the first natural alternative weed killer sold on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews.

Our Mission

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer effectively eliminates weeds without risk to people, pets or wildlife. We play a small role in the collective movement to restore the environment and dissuade use of harmful chemicals, providing consumers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional weed killers with glyphosate. Our biodegradable formula of consists of the perfect ratio of 3 premium ingredients: ocean saltwater, acetic acid (vinegar), and soap.

Professional maintenance crews at schools, vineyards, equestrian and pet centers, and homeowners use it because it kills weeds fast and requires no mixing.

Natural Weed Killer has been Efficacy Tested by the University of Florida and meets the conditions as a Minimum Risk Pesticide FIFRA 25(b): SDS Sheet

Who Is The Natural Weed Killer Crew?


The Natural Weed Killer Crew comprises of Rudy’s sons Ben Kirchner & Dan Kirchner + Steph and our mascot cattle dog, Leo. Rudy is our inspiration as we continue his Eco-conscious mission to better the planet one yard at a time, raise awareness, and spread positivity to each of our customers. We each love knowing that we put a product out in the world that enables families and professionals to save time and nurtures our environment. We have plans to soon relocate to a bigger yard to expand the business, homestead using the principles of permaculture, and grow Florida native plants. 

Learn More

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